Want to Create US iTunes account without a Credit Card ?
Yes, you can create in matter of mins, Free !

Follow the procedure to Create USA iTunes Account to enjoy US Appstore Features

Having a US iTunes or Appstore account is most people's expectation, especially the high end gamers and app users, as USA itunes store has some advanced features such as more games, more apps available than in any other country.

us itunes account

You can now enjoy sitting in India or Africa and browse through the USA Itunes/Appstore for free, as if a person in USA does it. Follow the below quick steps to create the account and use it almost within matter of mins, ofcourse, without holding a USA Credit Card. If you are planning to buy some paid apps, you can always buy us itunes gift card online and redeem it on your account instead of using a credit card.

Step 1:

Open iTunes Store on your System and Logout of your Account, if any ! Clear cookies on your browser to make it more easier.

Step 2:

Look out for your current country setting by checking the country flag that is displayed at the bottom right of itunes. Click on it and set your country as "United States"

Step 3:

Once the country has been set, now look out for the "Free apps" or "top free apps" available on the right sidebar of the itunes. Click on the first app and you will be asked to enter login details. Now hit "create new account" in the dialog box provided. Fill-in your basic details and goto next step. ( DONOT create the account directly after setting the preferred country )

Step 5:

In the credit card section, Select "none" option, enter a random address ( Just google to get one ) and move to next step.

All done, you will now be able to download all free and paid apps from the appstore like any other US individual. Enjoy !